Sunday, January 16

Suspected kidnapping in Tolga: 20-year-old has recovered

BLOCKED OFF: The police have on Sunday made several technical investigations at the home where the 20-year-old man is said to have been abducted on Sunday night.

TOLGA (VG) Police searched on Sunday for a 20-year-old man who they feared had been kidnapped after a violent incident in Tolga on Sunday night. Now he has recovered.


– In connection with the kidnapping of a person in Tolga on Sunday night, the missing have come to their senses, the police report on Twitter just before midnight on Sunday.

– He’s recovered. We have control over the person and relatives have been notified. The case is being investigated further through the night and tomorrow, says operations manager Kjartan Waage in the Innlandet police district to VG.
The police do not want to disclose where the 20-year-old was found.

– Is anyone charged in the case?

– No, it is not, says the operations manager

Police say they will not provide any further information until Monday morning. Relatives have been notified.

The incident of violence at the private address in Tolga in Østerdalen was reported to the police around 02.00 on Sunday night.

Two others injured

On Sunday, the police set up several checkpoints on a number of roads in the area. The other two who were injured at the private address are not seriously injured.

– The other two are doing well according to the conditions, says police lawyer Vibeke Stolp Ekeland in the Inland police district to VG.

She does not want to say anything about any relationship between those involved, but she says that so far it does not indicate that the victims are random.

So far, no one has been charged in the case and the police do not have a clear identity of at least two suspects in the case.

– We have information that we work with on this.

– We have an idea of ​​the motive and work based on several hypotheses. We almost have to get back to the details of that, she continues.

– Do you think the suspects are armed?

– There is no information we want to go out with at this time, the police attorney answers.

The police have secured traces at the scene, and they have also received tips about, among other things, a vehicle that is being investigated further.

– We have received some tips and are working to review these, Ekeland says to Dagbladet on Sunday night.

– Scary

The mayor of Tolga, Bjørnar Tollan Jordet, thinks what has happened is frightening.

– We all know each other, so many are affected. It is shocking and frightening, he says to VG.

The mayor states that the municipality is in close dialogue with the police and assists where they can. The municipality’s crisis team has been deployed to follow up the 20-year-old’s family.

– Now we are very concerned about taking care of those who are directly affected. I experience that there is a lot of care and concern, he continues.

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