Friday, January 28

Support for victims of honor violence must be improved – News (Ekot)

– One of the most important news is to provide advice and guidance at a general level to adults, young people and children who are themselves exposed or at risk of being exposed to honor violence, as well as their relatives, says Sandra Peterson, unit manager for the National Competence Team against honor-related violence and oppression, which has been given the task, to Ekot.

How the support should be designed is not clear at the moment but Sandra Peterson sees a great need for a helpline for the vulnerable. It is missing today, but there is a national helpline for employees at various authorities who need guidance in working with victims. People who are victims of honor crimes also call there for help.

– It ranges from advice and support to being in a directly exposed situation. So we refer on to healthcare, the police, the social services or our regional resource centers, says Sandra Peterson.

The National Competence Team at the County Administrative Board in Östergötland has for several years played a central role in Sweden’s work against honor killings, in collaboration with the country’s municipalities and relevant authorities. The assignment is now strengthened, the business becomes permanent and the team is transformed into a competence center with increased responsibility.

The initiative is part of the government’s package of measures against men’s violence against women, where more concrete measures were presented on weekdays.

Another novelty is that we will more clearly map the prevalence or extent of honor killings in Sweden and the development of Sweden’s efforts in this area.

The dark number is large and because There have been no regular surveys, statistics and knowledge are lacking, according to Sandra Peterson, but now there will be a difference.

– As we become a center, we will be responsible for, or coordinate, the investigation of the extent of honor killings. So that there will be a clearer system and a clearer person responsible for that type of investigation.

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