Friday, January 28

Strong wind in Nordland: Bus has blown off the road

BAD CONDITIONS: There are very poor driving conditions in Vesterålen on Sunday. Here is a picture from the road authority’s camera on county road 82 at Hadselbrua.

A bus with 22 passengers is in the ditch after being blown off the road in Vesterålen. Danger warnings have been issued for gales and strong gusts in the county.


A bus has ended up in the ditch at Myrland along the E10 in Hadsel in Nordland, the police confirm to VG. The message came just after 10:00 Sunday morning.

– A gust of wind has taken the bus off the road. 22 passengers are on board, the police write.

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Goes well with the passengers

The bus is on the side so that the main doors can not be opened, the police add when VG talks to them on the phone.

– It goes well with the passengers. No people are critically injured, but two of them have pain in the head and neck, says Remi Johansen, operations manager in Nordland police district.

– Everyone is awake and ready, some of them have received a blow to the window, he adds.

The operations manager says that the bus has emergency exits that can be opened, but that the police have asked them to be inside the bus until new transport arrives.

– A new bus has been ordered. It is not possible to stand outside in this weather. There is so much wind that it is not possible to stand upright almost, says Johansen.

He says that all emergency services are on their way.

Ask people to consider whether driving is necessary

– The bulldozer struggles to keep the road open on the stretch. We hope there are not many who are out driving, say the police, and come with a clear call:

– People must consider whether it is necessary to go on a trip because there are very demanding driving conditions in many places. We also see that roads are quickly closed where there are already difficult driving conditions.

Several roads are closed

Several road sections have been closed in Nordland as a result of the storm that is ravaging the region. In Troms, locally strong gusts of 27 – 35 meters per second are expected from the southeast.

– Now it is most likely at its worst, especially in the north of the county where it is quite disgusting. In Lofoten, all public transport has been suspended and the E6 at Saltfjellet and Grattangfjellet has been closed, says operations manager in Nordland, Remi Johansen to VG.

Will move north

According to the Meteorological Institute precipitation and strong winds are forecast throughout the county on Sunday. In addition, an orange warning has been sent out about very strong gusts in Helgeland, Saltfjellet, Salten and Ofoten.

– Right now it is worst in the north of Nordland with both snow and wind. At the airport in Bodø, there is a stiff gale and heavy snow, says on-duty meteorologist in Storm Geo, Olav Krogsæter.

The storm is gradually heading north and will, according to the meteorologist this afternoon and evening, move towards Troms and partly West Finnmark.

– I think people in these counties are well used to and weather the storm well, but there can be challenges on ferry routes and on road sections, especially by bridges, says Krogsæter, and comes with an encouragement to everyone who travels in the affected counties:

– If you do not have to go out, it can be good to stay indoors because it will be quite hectic, says the meteorologist.

– The police in Nordland encourage everyone to take their precautions, both when it comes to loose objects, and whether it is necessary to embark on a longer drive, the police in Nordland write on Twitter.

In Troms, the weather conditions are currently calm, but the police are following the situation closely.

– For the time being, it is calm with flat seas in Tromsø city, but we know that the weather is heading north and expect it to pick up during the day, says operations manager in Troms Robin Lindberg.

– Everyone is informed and the state administrator has sent out a danger warning, so we are well aware of that.

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