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Serious fall accident at junior high school in Stord

FALL: A boy is said to have fallen several meters from or through a roof at a secondary school in Stord. The fall probably happened in connection with play, the police say.

A boy is seriously injured after a fall accident at a secondary school in Stord municipality.


The emergency services are at a secondary school on the island of Stord in Western Norway after a boy is said to have fallen through or down from a roof.

– The fall accident appears to be serious, they write on Twitter.

The accident is said to have happened from a roof on a new building in connection with the upper secondary school.

The next of kin have been notified.

Must have fallen several meters

Operations Manager Victor Fenne-Jensen tells VG that it is a young person who has fallen and that the accident did not occur in connection with work.

– It probably happened in connection with play on site.

The boy must have fallen several meters, he says.

– This youth has been on the roof of a new building adjacent to the school.

– What is the status of the person?

– It is unclear. Ambulance and health personnel work with lifesaving first aid on site.

At 21.01, the police report that the boy has been transported away by ambulance. He will also be transported to Haukland University Hospital by air ambulance.

They further write that the extent of the damage is still unclear.

FALL ACCIDENT: The police were notified of the accident from the VET center at 20.18. The emergency services are in place here.

Other young people started first aid

Fenne-Jensen states that several young people were present during the incident, but that it is currently unclear whether there have been any direct witnesses to the fall.

– We are in the process of questioning people who were present, he says.

The police were notified of the accident from the VET center at 20.18. Fenne-Jensen says that the other young people who were present are affected.

– They were the ones who reported the accident and started first aid, he says.

The young people are taken care of by parents, health workers and the police on site.

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