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Rebecca Hasselgård (27) will change her lifestyle in 2022. Follow her 12-week program.

Do you want to be healthier, fitter and have better health?

The corona pandemic has affected Rebecca Hasselgård. – What was supposed to last only a few short weeks, suddenly lasted for over a year. I could not see along the way how much it affected my daily form and psyche, she says.

– The fear is having to take a test that shows what age you are in based on your shape. I’m sure I was older than 27, says Rebecca Hasselgård and laughs.

We meet her at Evo Fitness at Majorstuen in Oslo. Over the next 12 weeks, the 27-year-old will start a project to change his lifestyle. She has these goals:

  • Better condition
  • Get stronger
  • Get a better diet

As a bonus of reaching the goals above, she also hopes that the weight goes down.


Hasselgård will be followed up by personal trainer (PT) Bastian Stoermann-Næss. He has set up an exercise and diet plan for her for the next 12 weeks.

At the same time, we at Aftenposten will follow Hasselgård closely in a new newsletter. You can sign up for it here.

The newsletter will be published every Monday. Every week we will present the week’s training plan, as well as update on how the 27-year-old is doing. In addition, we discuss other current topics in exercise, diet and health.

– I am very motivated. At the same time, I know there is a job to be done. But I hope the project with the newsletter will make it easier for me to commit and to succeed in achieving my goals, says Hasselgård.

Rebecca Hasselgård has received help to set specific goals. – I want to be an active person, to go on top hikes with friends without being systematic, to feel good and to have a surplus in everyday life, says Hasselgård.


She describes herself as a typical “yo-yo trainer”: She manages to train systematically and well at times, but drops out quickly. This autumn, she started training a bit with NPT, but now in January she will get started properly. The goal is to have habits and routines that last a lifetime.

– I dream that training will be automatic. That I should be able to train three times a week without it feeling like a struggle. At the same time, there must be something I can do alone, and over time. The goal is to become stronger and get better condition, says Hasselgård.

The Oslo woman lives a hectic life as a production manager in the TV industry, with long and unpredictable days. It has not only affected the training, but also the diet.

– After long days at work, there is often ready-made food. I kind of have no plan for what I eat and food has become a stress factor. I want healthy and good routines here, says Hasselgård.

The main goal is for the 12-week program to provide long-term, realistic and good habits for physical activity and diet.

– I have felt that I am falling apart inside and out. I have realized that if I am going to have my body for life, I have to take care of it. The main goal is for me to feel better, says Hasselgård.

Bastian Stoermann-Næss is a personal trainer at Evo Fitness.

This will be the focus

Personal trainer Bastian Stoermann-Næss is looking forward to the next 12 weeks.

– This will be very exciting. As long as Rebecca’s motivation lasts, this will be a lot of fun. My most important task will be to motivate and keep her mood up, says Stoermann-Næss.

He is convinced that she will succeed in achieving her goals. He also believes others who follow the 12-week program, at home or at the gym, will get results.

– No matter what training goal you have, you will get some form of development by following this program. You should be able to get better condition, stronger muscles and become more aware of your diet. You will also be able to lose weight over time, says Stoermann-Næss.

– What is the most important thing to think about if you are to succeed without a personal trainer?

– Set goals and implement the plan you have made. Continuity and variation over time are the way to success, says the NPT.

  • Do you want to follow Rebecca Hasselgård for the next 12 weeks? Then you can sign up for our newsletter here. Every week you get the week’s training plan. You will also receive diet plans and other advice on current topics in exercise, diet and health. Do you not train at the gym? The newsletter also provides an alternative arrangement for home training.

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