Monday, January 17

Police: Should fire rockets – was killed

The police had set up the blockade after the murder, which took place outdoors in Haugesund.

After several interrogations, the police believe that the murder of the man (28) took place in connection with the New Year celebration.


A British citizen in his 20s is charged with murder and a Norwegian man in his 20s is charged with complicity in murder.

After questioning witnesses, the police believe that the murder happened when the killed man and his friends were outdoors to fire rockets at the apartment where they celebrated New Year at Presthaugblokkene in Haugesund the night before New Year’s Day. They must then have come into contact with the two accused.

It was in this context that the man (28), says police attorney Fredrik Martin Soma.

– It was explanations from witnesses who were at the scene together with the deceased that led the police to the arrests of the two accused. They were arrested near the scene, says police attorney Fredrik Martin Soma in the South-West police district to VG.

The man was stabbed outdoors. Life-saving first aid was attempted on the spot, but his life could not be saved.

THE CRIME: A forensic technician worked at the place where the stabbing allegedly took place. The crime scene is a parking lot at Presthaugblokkene in Haugesund.

The defender of the man accused of murder says that her client does not admit guilt.

– My client does not understand the charge. He has explained himself about his movements and what he has done on New Year’s Eve and the night before New Year’s Day. He has not been on the scene and he has not committed any murder, says the British defender Helene Haugland to VG.

The British citizen will be visiting Norway. The Briton describes himself as an acquaintance of the other accused in the case, a Norwegian citizen in his early 20s, who is scheduled to be questioned on Sunday.

VG has so far not come into contact with lawyer Ben Einar Grindhaug, the defender of the other accused man.

The two accused are being produced for custody in Sør-Rogaland District Court next Monday.

– The police believe there is an imminent danger of wasting evidence in the event of the release of the accused now, Soma says.

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