Friday, January 21

Police: Person stabbed in the throat

The police were notified of a serious incident at an address in Rælingen 15.39, Sunday, writes Romerikes Blad.

– A person must be stabbed in the neck. The person in question is described as critically injured, the police have control of the suspected perpetrator, and a technical and tactical investigation has been initiated on the spot, says operations manager Ronny Samuelsen to TV 2.

The incident must have happened indoors. Both the offended and the perpetrator are men.

– It is assumed that the weapon is an iron pipe, says Samuelsen.

The emergency services are on site and lifesaving first aid is provided.

The operations manager says just after 5 pm that forensic technicians are on their way to the scene.

Romerikes Blad writes that the victim has been sent to the emergency room at Ullevål hospital.

Task leader Ivar Myrbø tells the newspaper that the suspected perpetrator has said that there must have been a disagreement between them.

The case is being updated!

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