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One year after the storming of Congress, Americans are even more divided

Both President Joe Biden and the despised loser of the 2020 election will speak to the people on the anniversary of the storming of the Congress building. Trump will celebrate the day.

Supporters of President Donald Trump climbed the west wall of the congress building on January 6 last year.

The split continues in the United States. When the nation is to mark the uprising against the congress building almost a year ago, the parties have not approached a shred.

An overwhelming number of courts, the Attorney General and the committees must approve elections. Everyone is crystal clear that it was not cheated. Still, most Republicans believe that Donald Trump is still the country’s legitimate president.

Nearly three in four Republicans believe Joe Biden has stolen the election, according to one examination from Monmouth University.

Peaceful protest according to Trump

Donald Trump has chosen to hold a press conference in Florida on January 6. For a long time, the former president has downplayed the violent incidents almost a year ago.

According to Trump, the attempted coup is more understandable as a peaceful protest.

Five people lost their lives in the storm, while several hundred police officers were injured in the fierce fighting. Another four have taken their own lives afterwards.

Trump sees himself as the winner of the election

Trump will also repeat the totally unfounded claim that he was robbed of the 2020 election.

Donald Trump asked his supporters never to give up when he spoke to his supporters on January 6, 2020.

– I want to hold a press conference at Mar-a-Lago to talk about all these things. Until then, remember that the uprising took place on November 3, it was the totally unarmed demonstration that took place on January 6, Trump writes in an email. November 3 was the day the presidential election was held last year.

Donald Trump has also been accused of inciting his supporters at a rally to storm the congressional building where the election of Joe Biden was to be formally confirmed.

700 arrested

More than 700 people have been arrested after the uprising. Among other things, they are charged with possession of a large arsenal of weapons, including machine guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles used as lances.

The incumbent president will also remember what happened a year ago with a speech. But the White House has been reluctant to provide details in advance about events.

January 6 was one of the darkest days for our democracy. Our capital was under attack, and I see no reason not to mark this day, says the president’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Trump supporters break through a police blockade outside the congress building on January 6, 2020.

Discussion of the storytelling

The Head of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced a full program of events on and around the one-year anniversary. She encourages Democratic representatives to be in Washington and attend the events.

– A full program is being prepared which, among other things, includes a discussion among historians about the storytelling on 6 January. This is an opportunity for the representatives to share events and reflections from that day, and a hopeful vigil in the evening, writes Nancy Pelosi in a statement.

Republican Senator Susan Collins is much more subdued in her relationship with the Jan. 6 celebrations. She sees both security challenges and the danger of repeating what happened a year ago.

– I think that just that day is filled with fear and anger, so it would be better if we do not have some kind of “anniversary” this day, she says to The Washington Post.

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Lace up

The mark comes at a time when the congressional inquiry into the uprising has now reached Trump’s inner circle. Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows has unveiled a controversial Powerpoint. It outlines how the Republicans will carry out a coup and reinstate Donald Trump.

More than 100 vigils are planned for January 6, both by right-wing groups who insist that those imprisoned are political prisoners, and liberals who call for better protection of suffrage.

“Perceptions of electoral fraud are now so entrenched in the Republican Party that you have a large proportion who no longer believe in the democratic system,” Heidi Beirich told the Washington Post. She is one of the founders of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism.

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