Sunday, January 16

On Monday, electricity prices will rise again

On Monday morning, the price of electricity will rise again, and in southern Norway the daily price will be NOK 1.3 per kilowatt hour, figures from Nord Pool. It is common for Nordpool to present electricity prices one day in advance.

This gives an increase of 15 øre per kilowatt hour against Sunday’s price of NOK 1.14 in southern Norway.

In comparison, the electricity price was NOK 1.8 per kilowatt hour in southern Norway last Monday.

In Central and Northern Norway, the price is significantly lower. Here, the daily price is 35 øre per kilowatt hour.

The prices only show the krone price per kilowatt hour, and do not take into account fees, grid rent and surcharges from electricity suppliers who will be able to make the price higher.

In the past, analysts have pointed to low wind power and a strained gas situation in Europe as major contributors to the high electricity prices in the Nordic region.

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