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NRK commentator in isolation – unsure of the Olympics: – There is a pain threshold

INSULATED: Jann Post has got the commentator equipment in order and is ready to comment on Monday’s race in Val di Fiemme from the hotel room in Oberstdorf. Torgeir Bjørn, on the left, is not allowed to leave the hotel room even though he has not tested positive.

OBERSTDORF / OSLO (VG) Corona infection in the NRK team means that the commentator duo Jann Post (41) and Torgeir Bjørn (57) must stay in the hotel room until mid-January. It could have consequences for their presence at the Beijing Olympics.

– It is likely that you must have some changes to it, because we as close contact are automatically put in isolation for 14 days. At least there will be nothing under it, so there will probably be some changes for me, says Torgeir Bjørn on the phone from the hotel room outside Oberstdorf in Germany.

When the duo will initially be out of isolation, there are only just over two weeks left until they are scheduled to travel to Beijing and comment on radio for NRK.

– I hope we do not stay too long, because departure for the Olympics is at the end of January, so we do not have much time, says Bjørn.

– The plan was always to go to the Olympics, but we will probably assess the situation carefully in January if the conclusion is still there. We have to make a decision on that in the next few weeks. We can not sit in isolation in Germany for several weeks and then go straight to China and be there for weeks, so there is a pain limit there on what is okay, says Bjørn, who adds that there is no point in speculating too much.

COMMENTARY DUO: Jann Post and Torgeir Bjørn during the roller ski race Ragde Charge in Oslo in September.

The editor-in-chief of NRK, Anders Sårheim, tells VG that they were immediately informed that the close contacts must be quarantined for 14 days. Everyone has been tested and awaits answers.

– We have a dialogue to go up the race for further testing and a framework for how we will handle the quarantine in the next few days. Plan A is that they are home again in mid-January. Then there are still almost two weeks to go in the Olympics, but then we have to make an assessment. It is not the case that it directly destroys the plans, but we must hear what they themselves say, says Sårheim – and adds:

– But that is not the main focus now. Now the focus is on them having a good time down there, and we are very happy that they are well under the circumstances.

Monday’s race in Italian Val di Fiemme, which is covered on NRK’s ​​radio channels, is commented on from the room.

– I have just got back my commentator equipment that had been in the cabin in Oberstdorf, so now I will be ready for comment tomorrow. It has been today’s small project, says Post to VG.

Jann Post was actually supposed to have the only free weekend of the winter in a week. It is now being spent in a hotel room in Oberstdorf as a result of Germany’s strict rules for those considered close contacts.

He says that he feels a little sore throat, but hopes that it will go well. The tests will probably get an answer on Monday.

– For now, I feel most sorry for my wife who has to take care of everything at home, while I sit here on my ass in Oberstdorf. This is where the biggest concern lies, says Post.

– There is a lot to organize. I have received some help to get back some equipment such as skis, shoes and poles that we had in the comment box, and then I have received some food from your colleague. It is such things that are welcome, because the quarantine came just when everything was closed. Now we get at least food at the door three times a day, says Bjørn.

– It is not an ideal situation, but that is the way it is, he adds.

The plan was for Post and Bjørn to comment on Ski Classics and combine from home.

– I hope it can still be done. The weekend I am guaranteed to be here, in a week, then I should have time off. It was the winter’s only weekend off, so it smokes at least. I have at least enough time off, says Post.

– I would like to use that family. It’s more boring to talk through FaceTime than to go ice skating, skiing and being together in other ways. I’ll probably feel it in a week.

He is still in good spirits.

– I have two books here that I luckily took with me, so I have an arsenal of podcasts that I can finally get through. Netflix will probably also get a ride, and one of the highlights of the day will probably be Chelsea – Liverpool. So far, I have not been bored for a second, so it’s going well, Post laughs a little horse.

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