Wednesday, January 19

Neighbors rescued man from smoky detached house in Flekkefjord

– Everything indicates that this resolute action has saved the man’s life, says operations manager John Repstad in Agder police district to NTB.

The emergency services were notified of the fire in the detached house at Kleivane in Flekkefjord at 5 o’clock. When the fire crews and the police arrived after a short time, the homeowner had already been rescued and conscious.

The homeowner, a man in his 50s, was admitted to Flekkefjord hospital on Sunday morning, where he is being examined for smoke injuries.

The home was badly damaged inside and at 6 o’clock the fire crews did post-extinguishing and demolition work to ensure that the fire did not flare up.

The man was alone in the house when the fire broke out.


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