Wednesday, January 19

Neighbors helped resident out of residence in fire: – Has saved the person’s life

HELP: A neighbor discovered the fire in the house, it probably saved the life of the resident.

On Sunday morning, two neighbors entered a smoky and burning detached house in Flekkefjord. There they found the landlord lying on the floor and had him dragged out.

The police in Agder reported on Friday night about a fire in a detached house in Flekkefjord. There, two people in a dramatic rescue operation broke into a smoky home, and helped out a resident who was lying on the floor of the house.

– Everything indicates that their resolute behavior and efforts have saved the person’s life, the police write on Twitter.

– The fire was reported by one of a neighbors, who had heard that a window in the house next door was broken. He saw smoke coming out of a window and a door that was ajar, operations manager John Repstad tells VG.

When the police arrived at the scene, the neighbor and another had come in and dragged a person out of the house. They had looked into the house, and saw two legs belonging to someone lying on the floor, Repstad continues.

He states that the resident was conscious when the police arrived at the scene, and were transported to hospital with smoke injuries.

– But everything indicates that they have saved the person’s life, the operations managers say.

The fire service is still working on post-extinguishing. The house has suffered major material damage, related to both smoke and fire in connection with the fire.

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