Wednesday, January 19

Must demand better answers

The effect of bandages is among the topics that may need more knowledge about.

We know too little about the concrete effect of various corona measures. When the human and financial costs are so great, the need for more knowledge is absolutely crucial.

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The spring of 2020 was absolutely extraordinary. Covid-19 put society to the test we have never seen before, and decisions had to be made quickly.

At that time, many people understood that it was necessary to act. Some choices then had to be made without necessarily having too in-depth knowledge of the connection between measures and effects.

Almost two years later, the virus is still an enemy, but much has changed. With such a large degree of vaccination and the wear and tear we are all affected by, some of the conditions are different than in the beginning.

Then it is extra important that the authorities’ choice of measures, which can have such large consequences, is well enough substantiated for trust to be maintained.

That substantiation must necessarily be based on obtaining facts.

Unfortunately, it may seem that today we know too little about the effect of the various measures in the fight against viruses.

The director of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), Camilla Stoltenberg, has a good point when she says that it is crucial to gain more knowledge about the effects of measures in the future

FHI has wanted to research several issues surrounding the corona fight, but several initiatives have been stopped for various reasons.

It is of course important to ensure the quality of how a better knowledge acquisition can take place. But that the need is there appears beyond doubt.

Going forward, it is therefore important to have a targeted dialogue on how we can learn more about what has an effect and thus more easily achieve legitimacy, and what it is like to impose unnecessary burdens on people.

If we are going through several rounds with, for example, closed schools or the closure of this or that sector, we must know more about whether and to what extent such measures actually achieve what we want.

It is all the way about an assessment of proportionality.

Of course, it is crucial to avoid overloading the health care system, but it is also necessary to avoid that a public intervention in people’s lives becomes more extensive than it needs to be.

In the big picture, Norway has recovered well from the fight against corona, compared to many other countries, and very many have made an impressive effort.

But it’s no wonder it’s really consuming now. If we are to continue to have broad support for various measures, we must know that they work.

It is not enough to know what we have to do. We also need to know more about why.

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