Wednesday, January 19

Man in his 50s rescued from neighbors when houses started burning

Police believe two neighbors saved the homeowner’s life during a house fire in Flekkefjord on Sunday night. Vidar Emilsen (53), one of the rescuers, thinks they were very lucky.

Smoke divers outside the house where a man was rescued early Sunday morning, after it started burning.

FLEKKEFJORD: – We smashed the window in the front door and carefully squatted outside the door. Luckily we spotted two legs just inside the door, and managed to pull him out, says Emilsen to Fædrelandsvennen on Sunday morning.

A man was taken to hospital in Flekkefjord and hospitalized after a house started burning on Sunday night. The person in question is being investigated for smoke injuries, and according to the police, the man’s life was probably saved by the two active neighbors.

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