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Man critically injured – Must have been stabbed in the throat

ACCIDENT: A man is critically injured after being stabbed in the neck with an iron pipe at a house in Rælingen on Sunday

A man is critically injured after a violent incident in Rælingen on Sunday morning. Another man is charged with attempted murder.


At 15.39, the police in the Eastern police district were notified that a person had been stabbed in the neck with an iron pipe.

This is what operations manager Ronny Samuelsen tells VG at 16.30.

The incident took place at an institution in the area.

The police got control of the suspected perpetrator shortly after they arrived at the scene.

– As of now, he is charged with attempted murder. We are not looking for other suspects at the moment, says police lawyer Laila Hegar to VG.

When VG speaks to her at 20.10, she states that the offended party is critically injured, but that the extent of the damage has not been clarified.

The man was transported to Oslo University Hospital earlier on Sunday.

AT THE CRIME: Forensic scientists Sunday afternoon.

The police have launched a technical and tactical investigation on the spot.

– It was the emergency medical communication center (AMK) that reported the incident to the police, says Samuelsen.

Probably a relationship

Police attorney Laila Hegar says it is too early to say anything about the background and motive for the violence.

– As far as the police know, there is a relationship between these two, says police attorney Hegar.

On-site operations manager, Ivar Myrbø, says Romerikes Blad that the police arrived together with the ambulance, where they quickly got control of the suspected perpetrator.

– Have you received any preliminary explanation from the suspected perpetrator?

– It’s too early to say. He has said that there must have been a disagreement between them, but we do not know anything more, Myrbø answers the newspaper.

The police task force leader Ivar Myrbø talks to the press.

Will conduct interrogation

The police have cordoned off the crime scene and begun the forensic investigation.

– We also conduct interrogations and surveys among the other residents here, Myrbø says.

He does not know that there have been witnesses to the incident.

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