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Lost the top of the stage: – Everyone is definitely looking at me now

HYLLES: Artist Miley Cyrus lost the top of the stage on Friday. Her reaction has not gone unnoticed on social media.

Miley Cyrus (29) lost the top of the stage. Now she is being praised for her reaction on social media.

The American artist Miley Cyrus, who became world famous as a 12-year-old in the role of Hannah Montana, has as an adult artist made a large number of the solid leap from being a child star. She has cultivated a rude image and among other things provoked with cannabis smoking – among other things on stage.

She is also no stranger to showing a lot of skin on stage. According to her, however, it was not the intention to show as much skin as she did when she performed at her own concert “Miley’s New Year’s Party” in Miami on Friday.

The strap smoked

In addition to the audience in the venue, the concert was broadcast live on NBC.

While Cyrus sings the popular song “Party In The USA” from 2009, she had problems with her top.

During the broadcast, you see Cyrus fiddling with her silver top while she sings. It turns out that it has been destroyed and is about to fall off.

One strap smoked, and she was thus very close to showing her breasts on national television.

The artist took it all professionally and covered her breasts with one hand while holding the microphone with the other.

She took it all in good spirits.

– Everyone is definitely looking at me now, she says between the lyrics.

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– I still wear more clothes than I have ever had on stage, she says quickly before she goes behind the stage to change.

Barely a minute later, she returns to a jubilant audience wearing a bright red blazer.

Watch a video of the event here:

Tonight’s concert was about being flexible, adapting and making the best of even the worst of circumstances. And that resilience should not end here. Let’s bring it into the new year with us, she said in the end, according to the magazine People.

Several other artists also performed during the New Year’s party. Jack Harlow, Kitty Ca $ h and Cyrus’ younger sister Noah also sang, among others.

Praise for the reaction

There are many who praise the star’s reaction to what could have been an embarrassing incident on stage.

– 2022 begins with a big miss for Miley Cyrus, but she threw on a jacket, continued to sing and added some funny comments, writes a fan on Twitter.

Another writes that it would not be 2022 if Cyrus did not have problems with his clothes.

– If we had all handled resistance as cool as Miley handled the clothing defect, this might have been a good year, writes sports journalist Matthew Leach.

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