Wednesday, January 19

Jerv terminates the contract with the player the same day they picked him up

Sunday afternoon enlightened Jerv that they had picked up Sonni Nattestad. Only a medical check remained before everything was ready.

Late Sunday night, the Grimstad club makes a complete U-turn. In a press release, they write that the club and Nattestad have decided to cancel the announced contract.

Jerv refers to a case “those that the club should have known about”.

“The case Nattestad was involved in is not something we as a club can vouch for or be associated with. FK Jerv would like to apologize to everyone involved that we did not do a good enough job prior to the signing “, the club writes.

Nattestad was summoned as the main witness to the appeal case against rape accused Babacar Sarr. according to josimar the trial was postponed indefinitely because the center-back did not want to appear in court.

Ingvild Thorn Nordheim told Josimar at the public prosecutor’s office in Molde that the player would rather play a match than appear in court.

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