Wednesday, January 19

In the next few days, 83,000 students and 9,000 teachers will have to test themselves before school starts

Before Christmas, many of Oslo’s schools were on their knees in sick leave and galloping infection. Now all students, teachers and kindergarten teachers must test themselves back at work and school.

Principal Anton Rygg at Smestad school shows the school’s stock of corona tests. Before Christmas, at least 107 students and teachers at the school were infected. Before starting school, all students and teachers must test themselves before they can come to school.

– We are planning the start-up a bit blindly. We do not know if this has spread more through Christmas, says principal at Smestad school, Anton Rygg.

Before Christmas, the primary school west of Oslo experienced a massive corona outbreak. At least 107 students and 15 employees were infected, and the school had to close in the last six days before school started.

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