Sunday, January 16

– I and “normal Weng” were quite hard on her

Lotta Udnes Weng (25) traveled home to Norway after the sprint exit in Oberstdorf on Saturday. The 25-year-old did not get to vote in the Tour de Ski. It started in the worst possible way with breaking out in the prologue in Lenzerheide.

The sprinter moved on from the prologue in Germany with a cry of distress, but had to settle for a disappointing 15th place.

Then it goes far better with twin sister Tiril. She is the best Norwegian and number eight in the summary. However, Udnes Weng does not have much faith in the fact that she remains the best Norwegian at the top of the monster hill.

– Have you seen the last stage? It goes up, not down, she smiles.

– Would you have won if you had driven down?

– Then I had aimed at the podium, she says confidently.

The twins taken to bed by Øde greeting

Udnes Weng was among those who advised her twin sister to jump off the Tour de Ski.

– I asked her to go home, rest and then train a little speed, flexibility and strength. Then I think it’s coming. It’s not me she listens to the most anyway, but I and “normal Weng” (Heidi Weng, editor’s note) were quite hard on her after the sprint yesterday. We got her to get a plane ticket and get home, she says.

– Is not it sad to be here without her?

– I think it would have been sadder if she had been here, to be completely honest. It’s good she’s gone home, it’s cash from her twin sister.

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