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Honda S2000: Erik got divorced – then he bought the dream car

A car is not always just a car; sometimes it does at least as important a job as a “therapist.” Erik Lyngvær and his Honda S2000 are a living example of this. Here is his story:

“I bought a 2002 model Honda S2000 from the United States in 2009, at a very low dollar exchange rate. The reason for the purchase was mostly a divorce that gave me a kind of midlife crisis, very early. And the Honda S2000 was a dream car, which was brilliantly suited to move the mind from negative to positive.

For me, this car has become pure therapy. If I felt a little down, I just went out and started turning on the car. “Since the first owner had used it hard, there was also a lot to tackle, and after all these years there is hardly a screw or nut I have not loosened on this car,” he says.

Great fun when Erik Lyngvær took his nephew to driving training! Photo: Private

Worth a lot

Erik Lyngvær’s Honda S2000 is one of very few with the original yellow color that has come to Norway. There are probably only a handful of copies of this model within the country’s borders. Next year, the plan is to register the car as a vintage car, then it is 20 years old.

– Hip cheer for Amcar’s fantastic efforts to bring about the 20-year rule, he says to Broom.

– My starting point was also a little hope of making a real bargain financially with the low dollar exchange rate, and it seems that I have succeeded. As far as I have managed to find out, a fine copy of such a car today stands at around 300,000 kroner, and in the US they are sold for 700,000 – 800,000 kroner.

This hot plug impresses a lot

The joy took over

– Does this mean that the car will be sold?

– No, you’re crazy! As much as it has given me, it will never happen. When the end comes, I will replace the coffin with my Honda S2000, laughs Erik, who has also honored his car with a Honda S2000 tattoo on his forearm!

– You’ve done a lot with the car yourself?

– Yes, very much – today absolutely all of the wearing parts and liners have been replaced. Not least after relationship number two ended, there were many therapy hours with the yellow Honda. As soon as I started working on the car, the heavy thoughts disappeared – and joy and optimism took over, he continues.

He also had no mechanical background to help, fisherman as he is by profession.

The special doors are something that characterizes the Honda S2000.  Photo: Private

The special doors are something that characterizes the Honda S2000. Photo: Private

Relax lucky

– There has been a lot of “learning by doing”, he states.

– How much have you driven with the car?

– Around 1,100 kilometers so far, but a lot has been about upgrades, says Erik Lyngvær who probably also struggles a bit with the comfort factor in a car like the Honda S2000; almost two feet tall as he is.

Another thing he has also struggled with is the nimble engine in the car.

– Yes, there smoked the driver’s license, given! I was only going on a small test trip a year after I got the car, but then the police were also out on a small trip – and our roads met. It ended with two driver’s license-free years and a new driving test. But I got lucky, after all, he states to Broom.

This 2-liter VTEC engine from Honda was respected.  Photo: Private

This 2-liter VTEC engine from Honda was respected. Photo: Private

Top speed over 240

Honda S2000 is a roadster, an open two-seater sports car that was produced in the period 1999 – 2009. One of the things that characterized the car from day one, was the fresh relationship between weight and power, which made the car extremely fun and exciting to drive . Honda had also taken out much of the 2-liter engine. The power was as much as 240 hp, which of course gave fresh performance.

The top speed was in excess of 240 km / h, and the car managed 0-100 km / h in a nice 6.2 seconds. Here, with others, there was great potential for speed – something that Erik Lyngvær got to experience the consequences of in practice …

The setup was traditional, with the engine in front and operation on the rear wheels, and the gearbox was 6-speed manual.

The Honda S2000 was 4.12 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.29 meters high. The wheelbase was 2.40 m, and the position of the engine behind the front axle helped to give a 50/50 weight distribution between the front and rear axles.

You should not carry much luggage on a trip with such a car. The luggage compartment is a modest 153 liters. The curb weight is 1,274 kg.

That’s how extreme an ordinary Honda can be

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