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Hockey player had his throat cut open: – Screamed that I was going to die

Canadian Caleb Eefting (26) got a deep cut in the throat when he was hit by an opponent’s skate in the match between Mörrum and KRIF at level two in Swedish ice hockey.

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It was last Thursday that the showdown between the neighboring clubs took a terribly dramatic and frightening turn after only 43 minutes.

Eefting tried to take the puck from an opponent who has already lost his balance and has his right leg up in the air. The skate hits the throat of Eefting, who does not immediately perceive what has happened.

– I saw the skate coming towards me, but did not immediately understand that I had been cut. I only felt a violent bang, and thought the skate had hit the helmet, the hill describes Aftonbladet.

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LONG CUT: Caleb Eefting has a several centimeter long cut on her neck after the accident on the hockey ice three days ago.

He gets up and moves towards the substitute box, and when he realizes that he has received a big cut on his neck, he almost panics:

– I screamed that I was going to die, and all I thought about was getting off the ice to get help, the 26-year-old says.

There were medical staff present at the match, and pressure was put on the cut while Eefting was told to lie down.

– I felt no pain, but when I saw that the suit and gloves were covered with blood I was terrified. I kept asking if I was going to die, but they calmed me down.

He was transported to the hospital by ambulance and operated on. Eefting is said to have had the margins on his side, because the doctors informed him that the injury could have been fatal if the skate had hit a few millimeters differently.

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– I do not know how I will react when I am back on the ice, and if I will be scared. But I also know that it will not happen again, so it will probably go well, says the hockey player.

Several serious skating injuries

Sharp skate blades have caused several injuries throughout. NHL player Richard Zednik was also injured in the neck when he was hit by a teammate in 2008.

As recently as October got Finnish Saku Vesterinen cut over the artery at the wrist when an opponent’s skate hit him.

Skater Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen cut himself on his own skate in 2015, and his career was long threatened as a result of the leg injury he sustained.

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