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French children have to wear face masks extensively

LEARNING ABOUT BRINKING: In 2020, a doctor taught bandages to a school class in 2020. Then they learned how to protect and why adults used them. The bandages are now part of the children’s everyday school life.

From Saturday, children from the age of six must wear face masks at school, public places, public transport and in sports facilities in France.

On December 9, France closed its nightclubs to reduce corona infection in the country. They also introduced requirements for corona passes at public events also outdoors and recommended home offices at least two to three days a week. Children from the age of eleven were to wear face masks at school. The children aged 6-11 were to wear face masks in the teaching, but not otherwise.

Despite these rules, the trend of infection has increased in the country recently, according to VG’s corona special.

See an overview of those infected in France here:

As a result of the growing infection, the French government came on Saturday 1 January with new rules for children up to six years, writes the French newspaper The echoes.

Children from the age of six now receive stricter bandage orders. They will now wear face masks at school both in teaching and in their free time, in public places, public events both indoors and outdoors, public transport and in sports facilities when they are not themselves active in sports. The exception from the mouthpiece requirement is places where you pray, the newspaper writes.

WILL PREVENT INFECTION: French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron says he will do everything to keep schools open. Mouthpiece use among the youngest is the latest measure.

Even though it is known that children rarely get particularly ill from the virus, one of the arguments for introducing a requirement for bandages for even the youngest children should be that they know that children also spread the virus, the newspaper writes.

In addition to the sanitary napkin requirement, it will no longer be possible to use other teachers in the event of absence. This is to ensure that children are not mixed in classes, reports Les Echos.

Will do anything to keep the schools open

France has previously had a curfew in the pandemic, but it has not been introduced now. It should also not be relevant to postpone the start of school for children.

The country’s prime minister, Emmanuel Macron, issued a statement on Friday promising to “do everything possible to preserve the activity of the most valuable thing we have, that is, the school, the education of our children.” By limiting the restrictions as much as possible, writes Les Econ.

Five million unvaccinated

In France, the corona vaccine is already available for children over 12 years of age and for children over five years of age who are at risk of becoming seriously ill with the coronavirus. The government is considering extending the vaccine to all children over the age of five.

The country’s Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, has stated that five million of the country’s population who are old enough to receive the vaccine are still unvaccinated, writes Euronews.

At Toulouse University Hospital in the city of Toulouse, France’s fourth largest city, none of the hospitalized corona patients have been vaccinated. All those admitted to the hospital must be infected with the Delta variant, writes the French newspaper The Independent Opinion.

The fact that many people lack vaccines means that the virus spreads quickly. In mid-Christmas, France experienced the largest number of infections in a single day, with 208,000 proven cases, writes Euronews.

1000 new admissions daily

RECORD: In mid-Christmas, France experienced the largest number of infections in a single day, with 208,000 proven cases.

This affects the capacity of the country’s hospitals.

“Currently, 20 percent of the intensive care units in the Ile-de-France region are closed due to a lack of staff,” Delohontaine Hospital’s deputy director, Yohann Mourier, told Euronews.

Despite a vaccination requirement for healthcare professionals in France, a significant number have been put on leave because they were infected with the Omicron variant of the virus, he explained, adding the exhausted caregivers who have left or been on unpaid leave to deny vaccination, the newspaper writes.
Daily hospital admissions for the coronavirus in France are on average over 1000 per day, the newspaper writes. The high numbers have forced hospitals to prioritize hard.

Cancels operations

TAKES ALL CAPACITY: Several hospitals in France have to cancel operations to be able to take care of all corona patients.

Many hospitals, especially those in the major cities of France and the southern Mediterranean coast, are already canceling operations that are not strictly necessary to deal with the large increase in corona-related hospitalizations. The majority of the covid inmates are supposed to be unvaccinated people, writes Euronews.

Anesthesiologist Ramonda at Purpan University Hospital tells L’Opinion Indépendante that staff are at the breaking point.

– We will bring back professionals who work overtime when they are already exhausted, to open new beds and increase our bed capacity in the face of the pandemic.

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