Monday, January 17

Delays at Oslo Airport

There are several delays at Oslo Airport on Sunday afternoon. Avinor’s communications manager Harald Nygaard Kvam tells TV 2 that a good mix is ​​the reason for the delays.

– It is a mixture of inertia in IT systems inside the airport, fog and de-icing.

He says that there are a number of things that need to be done manually due to the IT problems. Among other things, doors must be opened by employees at the airport.

– We do not know exactly how many are affected. There are a number of domestic routes naturally enough, and some foreign ones. These are not the big delays, and things have not stopped completely.

Kvam adds that there are a few thousand who are going out to travel tonight.

– We provide information continuously, and we have called in extra people to provide better information to the travelers.

How long the delays will last is uncertain.

– We can not do anything about the weather. It is weather in northern Norway that leads to late arrivals. Those planes may continue that lead to delays. In addition, weather in Eastern Norway comes into play.

He also states that people have been called in to prepare for the IT problems as soon as possible.

– We are happy that we have managed to keep the traffic going.

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