Monday, January 17

– Clear red card

The Liverpool star went wild in a duel in the first half. In fact, it was not even played ten seconds when Mané hit Azpilicueta with his arm.

– It is a clear red card, says the Chelsea captain after the match, according to the BBC.

– I do not care if it is only five seconds into the match. We get such decisions against us, and it can change the way the fight goes. I have seen the replay, but I did not need it, because I knew then and there that it was red, the Spaniard continues.

See the situation above.

The 32-year-old got a bruise under the eye.

Judge Anthony Taylor, however, judged the duel to be only a yellow card. About eight minutes later, Mané sent Liverpool into the lead.

– It is difficult to believe anything other than that he does this on purpose. He knows where his opponent is. But pulling up the red card here would have been quite expensive, but it is ugly, is the verdict of TV 2’s football expert Erik Thorstvedt.

– Would it have been yellow if it was later in the match?

– If this had been two minutes before the end, it would have been easier to do something about this. You can see from Azpilicueta that he has visible marks on his face, Thorstvedt concludes.

The Liverpool captain hints that it should not even have turned yellow, but points out that he has not seen the situation repeated.

– I was disappointed that he got a yellow card. When two players go up for the ball, Sadio will always go for the ball. I think his eyes were on the ball all the way, so I do not think it was on purpose. But you know better than me if he hit him in the face, Henderson told British TV.

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