Monday, January 17

“Wisting 2” premiere today: Sven Nordin is huge as William Wisting

Sven Nordin is huge like William Wisting, but can not keep the crime engine going.

Sven Nordin delivers big in the role of William Wisting. Unfortunately, the second season of “Wisting” does not live up to his achievements.

We have reached season two of “Wisting”. The series is based on Jørn Lier Horst’s internationally successful series about William Wisting. This season takes the story from the novel “Illwill” (2019).

Homicide investigator Wisting is present when convicted Tom Kerr (Odin Waage) goes on an inspection with the police. The serial killer must show where a victim is buried. The daughter Line Wisting is a documentary filmmaker.

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