Wednesday, January 19

Was stopped because he was not wearing a belt – then the police discovered something shocking

Police in Queensland, Australia, were to carry out what they believed was a fairly routine check – by a person who appeared to be driving around without wearing a seat belt.

The car, a Suzuki Jimny, was waved to the side.

But when the policeman arrives at the car, he is shocked by the sight he encounters.

It turns out that lack of belt use, which is serious enough in itself, was not the only problem.

Do you see where UP is in this picture?

Lots to grab

The result is a number of different fines, for several technical deficiencies in the car, risky driving and thus no seat belt.

The car was separated. If there is to be any chance that it can legally be driven on public roads again, there are some fairly basic improvements that need to be put in place.

Stopped to ask UP about the road – it was not so smart

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In the city they keep close – in the village they warn each other about checks

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