Wednesday, January 19

Warns motorists: – The salt has a worse effect now

There are slippery roads in places in the areas of Viken that used to be Akershus and Østfold. Vegtrafikksentralen now warns motorists to slow down and drive according to the conditions.

– There have not been many accidents today, but there have been some reports lately that it is starting to get slippery, especially on exit and access ramps where there is not much traffic, and also on the smaller roads, says traffic operator Thomas Eriksen to TV 2 at 15.30 on Christmas Day.

It is now so cold in several places in Viken that salting does not have the effect it should have on the roads.

– It is so low temperature now that the salt has a worse effect, and not the desired effect. It’s simply too cold. It is reported colder throughout the evening, and many places the salt will not have any effect then.

The alternative to salting, gravel, is also not optimal under today’s weather conditions, says Eriksen.

– It is so dry on the roads that the gravel is also difficult to get full effect on. It will only blow away as the traffic goes.

The traffic operator emphasizes that the contractors are out and take measures where needed.

– But the most important thing is that people slow down and drive according to the conditions, and that they think that there may be slippery parts.

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