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Travelers to Sweden must show a negative test from Tuesday

The border between Norway and Sweden on the old Svinesundsbrua.

Norwegians who are going to Sweden from Tuesday, must submit a negative coronal test. This applies even if you have been fully vaccinated. Certain groups are exempt from the test requirement.

The requirement applies to all foreigners over the age of 12, including those who have been fully vaccinated or previously infected, states The Government of Sweden.

The test result can not be older than 48 hours before arrival in Sweden.

Among those that are exempt from the test requirement , are freight drivers, persons with a residence permit or right in Sweden and persons traveling as a result of important family needs.

The test requirement means that you no longer have to show a corona passport to enter Sweden. The claim was presented on 22 December, but does not take effect until 28 December.

Previous restrictions

On Tuesday, the recent prime minister held a press conference, where she announced stricter measures against the corona.

– We are in a worrying situation. Now the spread of infection is increasing rapidly and we are seeing an increasing burden on the health care system. The spread of the new virus variant Omikron is worrying, she said just before Christmas.

TIGHTENING IN: At Tuesday’s press conference, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) announced new restrictions in countries

These are the measures Sweden will introduce from 23 December:

  • Home office for everyone who has the opportunity
  • Requirements for seated dining at bars and restaurants.
  • One meter distance between visitors who are not in cohorts at bars and restaurants
  • Public events of 20-500 participants may only have a seated audience.
  • Events of over 500 participants require corona passes
  • Constraints on congestion in shops and malls
  • Constraints of congestion at leisure and cultural events, one can train but with infection control measures.
  • Participation in rentals and cups indoors is not recommended until 16 January.

Measures valid from 24 December:

  • Space booking on bus and train
  • Maximum 50 participants in premises used for private events.

In addition, the Public Health Authority, which corresponds to the Norwegian NIPH, has recommended that the government introduce a negative PCR test when entering Sweden.

– It will be considered quickly by the government. And of course, if this becomes a reality, there will be solutions for those who commute to work, so Magdalena Andersson on requirements for PCR testing when entering the press conference.

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