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This is how it goes with the teams leading the 2nd of Christmas: Half take league gold

A Christmas statistic says that there is a 50 percent chance that Manchester City will win league gold. But it can hardly be called a Christmas wonder if it strikes.

TOP: Pep Guardiola gave some messages to Aymeric Laporte during the match against Newcastle on 19 December. On Sunday they meet Leicester.

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Since the top level in English football was named the Premier League in 1992, the team that leads the Premier League when the 2nd Christmas Day matches are played has won league gold half of the time.

Manchester United has led the league on Christmas Day 2 and eventually won five times. The last time this happened was in the 2012/2013 season. Chelsea has the same. The last time this happened was in 2017.

Now is Manchester City at the top when they meet Leicester on Christmas Day. City are three points ahead of Liverpool who have had their match against Leeds postponed due to corona infection.

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Viasat commentator Roar Stokke is especially looking forward to the settlement between Manchester City and Leicester on Sunday.

– It is not surprising that the biggest clubs with the best managers, the biggest resources and the best team, as well as the best coverage in the squad complete the entire marathon in the Premier League. It is City and Liverpool under Guardiola and Klopp who have this invincible winning culture now, Stokke says to VG.

– Very strong

Liverpool have led the Premier League when the famous “boxing-day” round kicks off in the last three years. It ended with 2nd place in 2019, victory in 2020 and 3rd place this spring. After the match on Sunday, the Premier League is halfway through. League leader City is three points ahead of Liverpool and six points ahead of Chelsea.

FOOTBALL COMMENT: Roar Stokke in Manchester in 2019.

– Liverpool and Chelsea are very strong and want to give City a fight. Fortunately, the Premier League has a wider width than, for example, the German Bundesliga, where everyone really knows who wins before the season starts, says Stokke.

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Here is the whole history of which teams have topped the Premier League before kick-off on Christmas Day 2 and which place they ended up in, taken from Daily Mail:

1992/1993: Norwich. Became number 3.

1993/1994: Manchester United. Vant.

1994/1995: Blackburn. Vant.

1995/1996: Newcastle. Became number two.

1996/1997: Liverpool. Became number four.

LEAD THE LEAGUE: Liverpool’s Bjørn Tore Kvarme in a duel with Manchester United’s Andy Cole in 1997.

1997/1998: Manchester United. Became number two.

1998/1999: Aston Villa. Became number two.

1999/2000: Leeds. Became number three.

2000/2001: Manchester United. Vant.

2001/2002: Newcastle. Became number four.

2002/2003: Arsenal. Became number two.

LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP 2004: Arsenal finished second in the Premier League in 2002/2003, but the next season they won.

2003/2004: Manchester United. Became number three.

2004/2005: Chelsea. Won.

2005/2006: Chelsea. Won.

2006/2007: Manchester United. Vant.

2007/2008: Arsenal. Became number three.

2008/2009: Liverpool. Became number two.

2009/2010: Chelsea. Won.

2010/2011: Manchester United. Vant.

WINNING GLASS: Sir Alex Ferguson with the trophy after Manchester United became league champions in 2011.

2011/2012: Manchester City. Vant.

2012/2013: Manchester United. Vant.

2013/2014: Liverpool. Became number two.

2014/2015: Chelsea. Won.

2015/2016: Leicester. Won.

UNREAL FUN: Leicester took the league gold in 2015/2016.

2016/2017: Chelsea. Won.

2017/2018: Manchester City. Vant.

WINNING COMPANY: Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany with the trophy after winning the Premier League in 2018.

2018/2019: Liverpool. Became number two.

2019/2020: Liverpool. Won.

2020/2021: Liverpool. Became number three.

– This season can be even between three teams that look much stronger than the rest. Then there are questions about the pandemic and how it will affect the league with postponed matches, important players out and possibly fewer spectators, says Stokke.

In addition to Liverpool – Leeds, Wolverhampton – Watford and Burnley – Everton are exposed due to the corona.

On Saturday, it was announced that Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard is corona infected. Norwich goalkeeper Tim Krul is infected for the second time. Norwich meet Martin Ødegaard’s Arsenal on Sunday.

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