Wednesday, January 19

The ice cream tempted, the first skating trip in 20 years

Hundreds of people laced up their skates and enjoyed the low sun on Nøklevann on Christmas Day. For Morten Nordby, it was the first trip in 20 years.

One could see many access methods to get around Nøklevann. This was probably one of the more energy-saving, at least for the blind passenger.

Trym Skuggen Landmark (in yellow) plays hockey with brother Sigurd (11, in a blue helmet) and father Einar (not in the picture.)

Lotte Schibbie (21) laces up her figure skates. She is actively responsible for OI (Oslo Idrettslag Skøyter)

– Another pirouette! Father Stig Schibbie struggles a bit to take pictures of his daughter.

Hundreds took the trip out to Østmarka and Nøklevann on Christmas Day.

Tuva (11) and Hege Sundquist have been skating, and are now sitting on a small peak in the last rays of the sun. Mom grills Grandma’s donuts on the fire. Blackcurrant toddy on thermos.

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