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Per Sandberg exposed to another burglary and vandalism: – The thief played receptionist for half an hour

HAVE REPORTED THE RELATIONSHIP: Per Sandberg at the reception where the thief ravaged the Grand Hotel.

Per Sandberg (61) had the Christmas peace disturbed when the hotel he runs in Halden had an uninvited guest on Christmas Eve.

Fortunately for Sandberg, there was a lack of methodology for the burglar, who is supposed to be an old acquaintance of the police. The burglary took place on 23 December at 6.30 pm at the Grand Hotel in Halden, which is run by Sandberg’s cohabitant Bahareh Letnes (31).

– An unauthorized person tore down a surveillance camera in the backyard before he climbed up a drain pipe and into a window from the second floor and into the corridor where guests live. But it’s damn smart then, to stand up in front of the surveillance camera before he tore it down, Per Sandberg chuckles on the phone.

– He has not realized that we have surveillance cameras in the reception either. We have the passage of time and everything documented.

POLICE ON THE SITE: Per Sandberg was questioned after a burglar played receptionist and stole suitcases.

Wondered the hotel guests as a receptionist

Sandberg has just been questioned by the police on the afternoon of Christmas Day 2 before he can be interviewed by VG. To be a man who has experienced so many burglaries and vandalism in the last year that he can not remember the number himself – “there are three or four” – he is startlingly quick in the voice and fresh in the mood.

– It’s Christmas, so you can look at this case with a twinkle in your eye as well. After getting in through the window, the burglar sat down at the reception and talked to several guests. We have not spoken to them yet, but on the surveillance video it looks as if they think there is a substitute in place.

STUDYING THE INJURIES: Per Sandberg had to move out to the Grand Hotel after the burglary.

Assignment leader Henrik Larsen in the Eastern police district confirms to VG that the police are familiar with the case.

– We have had a patrol on site that has looked at the surveillance images. The patrol recognizes the person who did this. We have a named suspect, says Larsen to VG.

– Have you got hold of the person in question?

-No. We are now creating a case based on the video surveillance where the person has the status of a suspect. A traffic accident meant that we had to re-prioritize our patrol on the spot before the crew had completely finished the investigations. – But the lawyer on duty has decided that the suspect will not be arrested today. We are creating a case that will be followed up during the day tomorrow by the police in Halden.

HAPPY TIMES: Per Sandberg and Bahareh Letnes opened the Grand Bar in Halden in May 2020. Then Tore Letnes, Baraheh’s foster father, came all the way from his home village of Skogn to drink beer.

The burglary did not affect the Grand Bar in the hotel building, which is currently closed, but affected the surveillance system and guests’ belongings.

– This is a pure crime of gain. We have had some mail stolen, suitcases from the reception area and some small effects, but the thief did not get most of what he had collected. The case has been reported and the police know who the man is. What is annoying is to spend a lot of time on interrogation and paperwork and then we have to get a surveillance camera again.

– How do you and Bahareh celebrate Christmas?

– Like everyone else; we sit at home and get bored. There is no nightlife, Sandberg sighs.

– There will be friend visits and home coziness in front of the fireplace. And paperwork.

Framed by omikron

There has been no shortage of drama for the former FRP politician after he chose love over politics.

– Something happens with us every single day. When you run a bar and have three or four burglaries a year, it is clear that then …

Sandberg lets the sentence hang before he continues:

– We love running the bar and had many plans for December, including a fantastic New Year’s ball. It has unfortunately been canceled. We lost a number of Christmas dinners and a concert as well, unfortunately. When you prepare for high activity and get shut down, then it will be a different Christmas with a lot of home time. It’s so cold in Halden too, 11-12 minus, it’s no use going out, he thinks.

KEEPS THE MOOD UP: Per Sandberg does not let himself be swayed by another burglary.

– What Christmas message do you have for people who experience burglary during the holidays?

– It is impossible when this happens, but be patient. There will be brighter times at some point. Do not let such things affect Christmas celebrations and what is important at Christmas, no matter how annoying it may be, Sandberg encourages.

– It is difficult enough still at the moment, but corona and high electricity prices. Do not let such things as a small burglary affect the mood at Christmas. What we need now is to keep our spirits up.

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