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Memorial deceased Desmond Tutu (90): – A legend has passed away

DEAD: Desmond Tutu (90), South African archbishop, apartheid opponent and peace prize winner. Pictured here in 2017.

The Peace Prize winner worked all his life for community and to promote the voices of the weak. Now he is honored after his death.


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The South African archbishop and anti-apartheid opponent passed away peacefully on 25 December.

– Desmond Tutu combined the fight against apartheid with important contributions to reconciliation between people, writes Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Labor) on Twitter.

– He contributed to a better world in the work against racial segregation policy, and in his older days became a front figure for the fight for gay rights.

SHOUTS TUTU: Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt (Labor Party).

– Exceptional

Minister for Development Aid Anne Beathe Tvinnereim (Sp) emphasizes how important Tutu’s work was in the fight against apartheid in South Africa.

– He has inspired a whole world, including me, ever since we learned about the abuses and injustice during the apartheid regime, Tvinnereim says to VG.

– He is the origin of the term «rainbow nation». His leadership in the South African Truth Commission was also exceptional, in that he led the country into “a third way” when the country was to be reconciled after the abuses during apartheid, she says and adds:

He called it restorative justice, not revenge and not forgetfulness, but a path to reconciliation, in a way the world had not seen before.

SHELFING TUTU: Minister for Development Aid Anne Beathe Tvinnereim (Sp).

– Informal and fun

Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, head of the Rafto Foundation, met Tutu several times, including when he was head of Norwegian Church Aid’s offices in southern Africa.

– A legend has passed away. Together with Nelson Mandela, he is the one who has been most visible in the work of fighting apartheid, Kobbeltvedt says to VG.

– He was also a guy who was very informal and fun to hang out with. There was something that struck you when you met him. Tutu kept telling jokes and slapped his thigh, he was very unpretentious.

MEETED IN 2013: Leader of the Rafto Foundation, Jakob Hole Kobbeltvedt, says that Desmond Tutu had a striking humor.

The Rafto leader also points out that Tutu has recently fought for gay rights and corruption in the ruling ANC party.

– He has constantly entered new battles, and was not afraid to take a brave and controversial stance in South Africa, he says.

– Got a place in all our hearts

Left-wing deputy leader Abid Raja also praises Tutu on Twitter:

Desmond Tutu dedicated his life to fighting for freedom and justice, he took the fight against racism and against homosexuality. He fought with the poor, writes Raja.

– With his wisdom, friendly personality and with his warmest smile, he got a place in all our hearts.

Atle Sommerfeldt, former bishop of Borg and general secretary of Norwegian Church Aid from 1994 to 2011, describes Tutu as a role model.

– One of the greatest church leaders of our time promoted to the eternity of God. He taught many of us to anchor our own and the church’s community commitment to justice in the mystery of the sacraments and the divine equality of all people, Sommerfeldt writes on Twitter.

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