Friday, January 28

Martin Linge: The actor who became the soldiers’ hero

80 years ago, Allied soldiers raided Måløy and captured almost 100 Germans.

But the military success was overshadowed by the loss of one Norwegian.

During the raid on Christmas Eve 1941, the Norwegian soldiers in England lost their greatest inspiration.

It was not without reason that the unit he built up in Britain became known as the Linge Company. The enthusiasm of Martin Linge was decisive for the election of many Norwegians.

AFTENPOSTEN HISTORY: – In Martin Linge we found the man we were looking for, we who came over to England and wanted to fight for Norway, Ragnar Ulstein said in an interview with Aftenposten Historie in 2016.

Ulstein first met Martin Linge in the summer of 1941. The 46-year-old captain was in the process of building up a department of Norwegian volunteers, under the secret British organization Special Operations Executive (SOE).

Ulstein died at the age of 99 in 2019. Then one of the last witnesses among the soldiers that Linge led during World War II disappeared.

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