Friday, January 28

Man to hospital after fire in apartment in Bergen

West police district was notified of a fire in an apartment in Bergen at 19.08 on Sunday night.

The man who was in the apartment when it started to burn has been transported to Haukeland University Hospital. The police do not know the extent of the man’s damage.

This is stated by operations manager Stine Mjelde in the West police district to TV 2.

The police do not know the extent of the fire in the apartment.

– We have received information that a lot of black smoke has been observed. It is possible that something has burned in connection with the kitchen and a hob, but we do not know yet, she says and adds that she does not know anything about the cause of the fire.

The police were notified by the fire service that the fire had been extinguished at 7.30 pm.

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