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Lukaku saved Chelsea after 106 days of goal drought

Aston Villa-Chelsea 1-3 (1-1)

Watch Romelu Lukaku stab Chelsea in the lead in the video window at the top!

– Look at that bulldozer here! The bull, the machine, Lukaku, exclaimed TV 2’s football expert Morten Langli.

See Lukaku’s enormous preparation that provided a penalty kick

Romelu Lukaku had just broken through the Villa defense and provided a penalty kick to Chelsea. Earlier in the match, he scored his first Premier League goal in 106 days.

– It is fascinating to watch. Tyrone Mings is one of the strongest players in the Premier League. He is 196 centimeters tall, but he is simply ragged by Romelu Lukaku, Langli said after the match.

The Belgian was finally recovered after being on the sidelines with both injury and coronary heart disease. During the break, Lukaku was substituted and ten minutes later he celebrated goals for the first time in a long time.

The goal that provided three long-awaited points for Chelsea was his first Premier League goal in 106 days. You have to go all the way back to September 11 to find your previous Lukaku goal in the Premier League. Even then, Aston Villa was on the opposite half of the field.

– I needed an achievement like the one today, Lukaku says after the match.

The case is being updated!

MATCH DECISION: It would take no more than one change to change the match picture completely. Photo: DAVID KLEIN

Tuchel raged against the Premier League lead

After the giant transfer from Inter this summer, the striker has struggled to reach his enormous potential.

Far out to the Premier League management: – Extremely worried

Three goals in the first four games was promising, but then it said stop. His two goals against Aston Villa on September 11 were the last time the Belgian had scored in the Premier League.

The man who was to solve Chelsea’s goal problems has not started for the club in the Premier League since 16 October.

According to Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, he should not have been on the pitch against Aston Villa either. The German chose to reach out to the Premier League management and their decisions in the last month.

– Maybe we make a huge mistake by letting players play so quickly after being infected with the coronavirus.

– Lukaku plays a brilliant match, but it is not fair. He is not ready for this yet. We’ve all been out with the flu for ten days, but neither of us played at Villa Park two days later. We do not know what happens next, no one knows what happens next, says Tuchel.

Understand Tuchel’s frustration: – Money can not buy health

– I am super worried, says the German.

Tuchel reacts strongly to the fact that the clubs in the Premier League are only allowed to make three substitutions during the matches.

The German says after the match that the plan was to replace Callum Hudson-Odoi at the break, but injuries forced him to keep the winger on the field throughout the match.

– Five prey were introduced due to the coronavirus. The whole of Europe is allowed to make changes, the whole of Europe has a winter break, but we do none of the parts. They force us to play, even though we have players out with infection.

– It is people on chairs with green tables who make these decisions. They are taken to the offices, says the German.

FAST: Thomas Tuchel did not hide what he thinks about the Premier League management after the victory over Aston Villa.  Photo: OLI SCARFF

FAST: Thomas Tuchel did not hide what he thinks about the Premier League management after the victory over Aston Villa. Photo: OLI SCARFF

Villa started best

The home team took the lead when Matt Targett swung in a post. The ball went through the head of Reece James and dropped into the corner behind Édouard Mendy.

But it would only take six minutes before Chelsea struck back. Callum Hudson-Odoi lurked behind Matty Cash, who threw his foot out without looking. The foot hit Hudson-Odoi who went to the ground.

Reece James is unlucky and puts the ball in his own goal

The judge resolutely pointed to the penalty mark. From eleven meters, Jorginho was safe.

For Chelsea, it was a happy reunion when Romelu Lukaku was replaced before the second half started. Ten minutes later it narrowed. The Belgian stepped up and crushed Villa’s power stopper Tyrone Mings in the air.

For the first time in 116 days, Lukaku gained online recognition in the Premier League.

Just before the end, Lukaku showed again what he has to offer. The Belgian broke through the Villa defense and was fielded in front of goal. Thus, Jorginho could score his second penalty goal in the match.

His tenth penalty goal in 2021.

Jorginho fakes out the Villa goalkeeper

For Chelsea, the victory was important as Arsenal have really sneaked up on their backs. Brighton are now waiting for Tuchel’s men, before it really hits in January.

Chelsea are equal to Liverpool, but Manchester City have a gap of six points.

– We’re chasing them now. The last two matches have not been good enough and now we have to treat the rest of the matches as finals, says Lukaku.

In the first month of 2022, Chelsea will face Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham.

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