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Logan Paul reveals how much he has spent on NFT

MILLIONS: On Twitter, Logan Paul reveals the million he has spent on NFT in 2021.

Digital art has become popular among celebrities in 2021. Now Logan Paul reveals how much money he has spent on NFT this year.

Fans are supposed to be shocked by the amount Paul has spent on NFT. It writes the Dexerto website.

The YouTuber has become particularly interested in NFT through 2021, and has also launched their own crypto art project «CryptoZoo» this year.

NFT stands for “Non Fungible Tokens” and is a unique digital signature that proves that the person who has paid is the owner of the digital art they have bought. The crypto art is bought via cryptocurrencies.

Among other things, well-known memes have been sold as NFT.

IN NORWAY: Logan Paul was recently on a trip to Norway. Here he is pictured in Tromsø.

Spent millions on art

The sum is shared by Paul in a screenshot on Twitter, and the amount is really high. Paul shows that he has bought 139 NFTs from 16 different collections – and that for the neat sum of 2.645 million dollars. This corresponds to almost 24 million Norwegian kroner.

The most expensive purchase should have been for 188.00 ETH (Etherum), writes Dexerto. One Ethereum is currently worth 35,766 Norwegian kroner. Thus, the artwork cost over 6 million kroner.

It is not clear what Paul bought, but he has shared some of his purchases with fans. Among other things, he should have been offered $ 700,000 for hans «CryptoPunk».

– It is insane for an image file, the youtuber is said to have stated, according to Dexerto.

He is also said to have said that he knows the use of money is absurd, but that it is digital history that he finds exciting.

Paul’s friend, Norwegian Kygo, has also spent large sums on crypto art. Kygo and Paul last met when Paul visited Norway at the end of November.

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