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Has received 125,000 after the house burned down: – Absolutely wild

FULL GUY: The photo was taken shortly after it started burning in the detached house on Friday night.

A family of four saved their lives when their house in Ål burned down on Christmas Eve. Now the local community has collected 125,000 kroner in two days.

– Now it is approaching 130,000 kroner. Something comes in all the time, says Britt Solveig Spilde to VG.

Spilde celebrated Christmas with her sister in Ål, but Christmas Eve took an abrupt turn at 10 pm, when the house next door was on fire.

The family of four got out of the fire and into Spilde’s sister, but lost the house after almost five hours of extinguishing work.

On Saturday, Spilde posted a Facebook post about the dramatic Christmas Eve, where she encouraged friends and acquaintances to send money to the family.

– It got a little bigger than I imagined. So for me that a few thousand kronor should come in, she says to VG.

– Plinged all the time

New donations are constantly coming in, says Spilde.

– Yesterday it was completely wild. I had to create a system so I had to put it in a separate account. It pinged all the time, and today it also comes steadily.

Most of the contributors come from Hallingdal, but also friends and acquaintances in the rest of the country have donated, says Spilde.

– It is very nice to see that people care.

– This Christmas is about

The psychosocial crisis team in the municipality and the Red Cross are organizing a clothing collection for the family on Sunday afternoon.

– It’s an insane commitment. Eel is quite small, so most people care, says Bjørn Fluto in Ål Red Cross.

– If you say it a little ragged, then this is what Christmas is all about.

Fluto says it is easier to help when assets have been lost, not lives.

– Most can be replaced. We must at least try to make it a little easier for them with the material things.

The local community is showing up, he says.

– It’s violent. And it is clear that it will be very special when something like this happens on Christmas Eve.

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