Sunday, January 16

Another battery fire at Ryde in Bergen

LITHIUM: The batteries that caught fire.

For the second time in less than a week, it started burning in lithium batteries at the electric scooter company in Bergen.


At 01.46 on Sunday night, the West police district reported smoke development in a room where the electric scooter bicycle company Ryde stores lithium batteries in Bergen.

There must have been open flames on the site. The fire occurred in around 30 lithium batteries in the basement and smoke has since risen in the building, reports NTB.

– It is a building where 19 people are registered. It is uncertain how many people are on site, said operations manager Frode Kolltveit to VG at 02.06.

In addition to commercial premises on the lower level, the building consists of apartments. The building is five storeys high.

– The smoke divers who have gone up in the building have been informed that four people have been evacuated into a neighboring building, the police announced shortly afterwards.

No injuries were reported in the fire.

110 West then announced on Twitter that they had created a security zone of 50 meters around the building.

– The fire has now been extinguished, they wrote at 03.14.

Thus, the safety zone was removed, but a traffic ban was introduced at the address the next 24 hours after damage to a girder was discovered.

The four who stayed at the address thus had to find an alternative accommodation for the rest of the night.

RYDE: The company has now been involved in two fire episodes in a short time.

Second time

Operations manager Frode Kolltveit at the police tells VG that a similar episode happened a short time ago:

– On 23 December, there was also smoke development in the premises. Then more people had to be followed up by health personnel.

– There has been more heat development last night than in the previous fire, so we see that there is damage to the construction in the building as well. It has been a high temperature, says the fire service’s operations manager Jørn Davidsen Bergens Tidende.

After the previous fire, Ryde stated that they would go through their safety routines, reports NTB.

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