Friday, January 21

Volcanic eruption on La Palma is over – News (Echo)

The volcano at La Palma.

Listen: The volcanic eruption at La Palma is officially over

  • Today, Spanish authorities announced that the volcanic eruption at La Palma is officially over. But the effects of the outbreak will be felt for a while longer. That is the opinion of Björn Lund, volcanologist and seismologist at Uppsala University.

  • The eruption, which began on September 19, is the first since 1971 on the island. A large number of buildings, infrastructure and homes have been destroyed. Around 7,000 people were evacuated, but no one has died.

  • “It has worked very well with rescue efforts and the entire alarm system. It was seen that there was an outbreak going on “, says Björn Lund.

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