Wednesday, January 19

Two new members infected with corona

On Christmas Eve, the first case of infection was registered in the popular K-pop group. Suga was the first person in the group to test positive.

It confirmed the management of the group.

Suga tested negative when he tested himself 72 hours before he was to fly from the USA and home to South Korea. He took a new test in South Korea on Thursday.

On Friday, the message came that the result was positive.

He was quarantined after the test was taken and until the result was clear, as required by South Korean law. According to the team around the popular singer, he should not have been in close contact with the other members.

He should not experience any symptoms and is fully vaccinated. It is not clear yet whether it is delta or omikron Suga has tested positive for.

On Friday, the news came that two more members, RM and Jin, have also tested positive for corona.

They also received a positive response after returning to South Korea from the United States.

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