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Troya and Balto disappeared in a stolen car: – It was a nightmare

REJECTED: After the dramatic night, the puppies Troya and Balto were reunited with owner Rune Holtberget (64)

Jämthundene has finally been reunited with the owner after a dramatic Christmas Eve.


Eastern police district reported just after midnight on Twitter that a car was stolen at Maura in Nannestad municipality late Christmas Eve.

Not only that – the car contained the two Jämthundene Troya and Balto at five and six months.

– It was a nightmare when it was on. You never know what happens to dogs that have been kidnapped, many thoughts go through your head, says dog owner Rune Holtberget (64).

He says that the car was stolen when he was going home from a Christmas party, as he left the key and the dogs in the car when he was to say goodbye.

– When I went out again, both the car, the gifts and the dogs were gone, Holtberget says.

Found 50 miles away

In an update at 02.54, the police stated that the dogs had been found walking along the roadway in Oslo, and that the dog owner was on his way to pick it up.

– It was a lady who had discovered two dogs along the E6 at Alnabru. When I heard the description from the police, I was absolutely sure that it was my dogs, says Holtberget.

– How did it feel when you received the message that they had been found?

– It lost a few kilos then, so to speak.

Alnabru is about 50 km away from where the car was first stolen – which is equivalent to a drive of just over half an hour.

Two dogs have been found in the roadway in Persveien in Oslo and they have been taken care of by Finns. Dog owner is on his way to Oslo …

Then the dog had been out in the cold for several hours. according to pointed the degree at around minus seven degrees night to Saturday.

– They have not received anything lasting but, but they were a little disoriented when the woman found them. They were also very happy when they came home, says the dog owner.

– It ended very well with the world’s biggest Christmas present. Getting the dogs back was amazing.

He would like to thank those who took care of the puppies, as well as a group of volunteers who went out to look for the dogs in the night darkness:

– It was fifteen minus in Maura, and people still went out. It is almost the best experience you are left with except that we got the dogs back, says Holtberget.

Man arrested

Everything ended well when the 64-year-old’s car was also found parked outside a grocery store in Maura, according to the dog owner.

Just before 03, the police stated that they have control of the car thief: a man in his 40s with a residential address in Oslo.

– He will be reported for car theft, drink-driving, driving without a valid driver’s license and not least violations of animal welfare, the police write.

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