Wednesday, January 19

Tossed himself over the conveyor belt to save the baby

It was dramatic at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey in the USA when a baby lost his breath at the security checkpoint.

A parent couple panicked when they discovered that their two-month-old baby was not breathing.

Security guard Cecilia Morales reacted quickly and asked the mother to hit the baby on the back, a so-called Heimlich maneuver. When the baby was still not breathing, she jumped over the conveyor belt to save the baby.

The security guard’s lightning-fast reaction saved according to Abc News the life of the baby.

Watch the video at the top of the case.

ENTIRELY: The parents of the two-month-old baby thank security guard Cecilia Morales for her lightning-fast reaction when their baby stopped breathing.

Worked for ten years in the ambulance

The day after the incident, the parents state that the baby is well. They thank Morales and say she is their hero.

Morales was hired at the airport in October after working ten years in the ambulance. She therefore had good experience with lifesaving.

– I saw the video afterwards. It was the first time I have seen myself in action save a life. It was amazing to see. I feel that all my training and experience took over, says Morales CNN.

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