Wednesday, January 19

The threat to those protecting the Amazon rainforest is growing

In August, more than 6,000 representatives of Brazil’s indigenous people traveled to the capital.

They had had enough of President Jair Bolsonaro.

They believe his policy threatens the lands they are trying to protect. That their rights are not respected.

An important decision in the Supreme Court brought them to Brasilia.

But not everyone has the opportunity to travel. Neidinha Suruí receives regular death threats. Such a trip could cost her her life.

Indigenous activists are killed daily in the Amazon. This makes Neidinha Surui’s job life threatening.

For over 40 years she has fought for the Amazon rainforest and for the indigenous people who live there. She has to live with the consequences on a daily basis. Every time Suruí walks out the door, she must have someone with her who can protect her. She has been threatened with death several times.

“The Amazon is being destroyed by people who do not care about life,” Neidinha Suruí told Aftenposten.

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