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The school leaders’ association about testing students: – The uncertainty is great

UNCLEAR: Leader of the School Leaders Association, Stig Johannessen, believes it is unclear how testing of students should take place in practice.

The school leaders’ association is concerned that the practical responsibility for testing students will end up with the individual leader at the start of school. – The uncertainty will for many of our members mean a Christmas in readiness, says union leader Stig Johannessen.

At the press conference on Tuesday, health director Bjørn Guldvog informed that testing of students before school starts is high on the priority list.

Due to the lack of self-tests in the country, the municipalities must be prepared to prioritize the distribution of them. The priority groups are first health personnel, then those who are to be tested for symptoms, and then students who are to be tested before school starts, Guldvog stated.

But how this testing of the students will take place is unclear, says leader of the School Leaders Association Stig Johannessen.

– We have previously seen that the responsibility has to a large extent fallen on principals, school leaders and board members. Several have said that they themselves have had to pack and hand out tests outside working hours.

– Assigned tasks

Although the municipalities are given the overall responsibility, the School Leaders’ Association is concerned that the practical responsibility for testing the pupils falls on the individual leader.

– For many of our members, this uncertainty will mean a Christmas in readiness, says Johannessen.

Leader of the School Leaders’ Association Stig Johannessen.

He is worried that many are now entering a Christmas marked by uncertainty and worry.

– Infection tracing, distribution of tests and administration of cohorts are tasks that school leaders have been assigned during the 21 months since the corona crisis began.

At the press conference, nothing was said about testing the employees of the schools and kindergartens, something Johannessen calls for.

– The uncertainty is great. According to the Minister of Health, the Ministry of Education is now working to prepare for the start of school. We look forward to clear and clarifying guidelines for testing, quarantine and start-up after Christmas.

– Employees should also be given priority

When asked how to prevent the responsibility from falling on school staff, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Care Services, Karl Kristian Bekeng, answers the following:

– The municipalities work with solutions for distribution and implementation of testing in schools. It is important that leaders in the municipality have a good dialogue with schools and kindergartens. We understand that employees at the school think this is a demanding situation.

Bekeng says that employees in schools and kindergartens should also be given priority for testing, in addition to being given priority for the third vaccine dose.

– Will all municipalities get enough available self-tests before school starts?

– Each municipality must prioritize the use of self-tests based on deliveries from the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The Norwegian Directorate of Health now sends out tests directly to the municipalities every week, and before the new year we will receive several million tests.

– The government has decided that children, young people and employees are among the groups that are prioritized in the use of self-tests. The individual municipalities must consider how they set up their test regimes, including the use of self- and rapid tests, based on local conditions.

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