Monday, January 17

Surfer died after being attacked by sharks in California

Authorities in California report that a surfer has lost his life after what is most likely a shark attack.

The identity of the surfer has not yet been released, but it will follow LA Times revolve around a 31-year-old man. He was found in the water at the popular beach Morro Rock.

The man was found around 10:45 on Christmas Eve and declared dead on the spot.

Authorities have asked everyone visiting the beach to stay out of the water for at least 24 hours after the tragedy.

CLOSED: Authorities are now asking people to stay out of the water Photo: David Middlecamp / AP

According to the LA Times, no one has died as a result of shark attacks on the beach in question since August 2003, when a woman in her 50s swam with harnesses. She was probably attacked because the seals do not see the difference between fish and humans.

Therefore, the director of the Marro Bay harbor Eric Endersby now warns people to swim with harnesses or areas where there is a lot of activity of birds.

“Attacks on humans are largely the result of animals mistaking humans and other animals,” Endersby told the LA Times.

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