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Queen Elizabeth: This year I understand extra well how difficult Christmas is for everyone who has lost someone

The Queen of England was more personal than usual in this year’s Christmas speech, where she talked about the grief over the man she was married to for 73 years.

Queen Elizabeth of England paid tribute to her late husband during the Christmas speech to the people.

Every year, without exception, Queen Elizabeth speaks to the British people on Christmas Day. This Christmas will be different for the queen, who became a widow in April when her husband Prince Philip (99) died.

– Christmas can be difficult for anyone who has lost a loved one. This year I understand extra well why, she said.

She described the prince as “his beloved”.

– The mischievous, questioning glimpse was as clear at the end as when I saw him the first time. But life consists of both final farewells and first meetings, the queen said.

The couple had been married for 73 years, and the queen said she had found solace in the many tributes of his life and work she has received since his death. The Queen has previously described the prince as her strength and support throughout the years. During this year’s Christmas speech, she wore the same brooch she wore on her honeymoon, and had a picture of the prince and herself on the table next to her during the speech.

Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip in 1947. The prince gave up his maritime career when Elizabeth took the throne the same year.

Did not mention Meghan and Harry

The Queen spoke of the joy of having four new great-grandchildren this year, but did not mention Prince Harry, Meghan Markle or her scandalized son Prince Andrew in a word. The other family members appeared in clips from royal events throughout the year. Prince William and Duchess Kate are celebrating Christmas this year with Kate’s family, and are therefore not with the Queen.

Just a few days ago, the Queen decided that she would not celebrate Christmas at Sandringham Castle as the royal family used to do, but that she would stay at Windsor Castle. The Queen does this because of the corona situation, she thought it would be too risky for both the family and the staff to pack everything to travel to Sandringham in Norfolk.

The Queen celebrated Christmas for many years at Windsor Castle when her own children were young, but since 1988, the royal family has celebrated at Sandringham Castle until infection control put an end to it this year.

The speech is recorded on Christmas Eve, and this year there was excitement about the monarch’s health. The 95-year-old queen was hospitalized in October, but the recording of the traditional Christmas speech went as planned.

For many Britons, it is a tradition to follow the Queen’s televised Christmas speech to the people.

Joking gifts

The annual speech is just one of many royal traditions at Christmas, which also consist of joking gifts and serving of turkey. No matter where the royal family spends Christmas, the traditions are always the same. The gifts are handed out on the evening of December 24, and are usually more humorous than extravagant. Prince Harry once gave his grandmother, the queen, a shower cap with the caption “Ain´t life a bitch!”.

What the queen got for Christmas this year is not yet known.

In February, the British will celebrate that Queen Elizabeth has ruled for 70 years. The Queen spoke of the platinum anniversary in her speech, and said she hoped it would be a time for fellowship and a look back at the enormous changes that have taken place in society over the seven decades.

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