Friday, January 28

NOW: The largest space telescope of all time – 14 years late

The James Webb Telescope has been launched into space.


The launch took place with an Ariane rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou in French Guiana.

The rocket and the space telescope have separated layers, and the latter continues the journey to Lagrangepunkt number two, approximately 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

The new space telescope can look further back in time and should be able to revolutionize our knowledge of the universe. A large and advanced mirror will capture the light from the first stars and galaxies formed after the Big Bang.

It is one of the most advanced instruments ever and will pick up the wire after the Hubble Telescope – which was launched just over 30 years ago. Work on the James Webb telescope has been going on for just as long.

TO HEAVEN: The James Webb Telescope rocket left Earth on December 25th.

28 times more expensive

– It will give us a better understanding of our university, and our place in it. Who we are, what we are, the eternal questions, NASA’s Bill Nelson said earlier this week.

Now the new telescope is in the air, and according to the plan will be able to give us the “news” much faster than the Hubble telescope. More than a thousand people from 17 different countries have contributed to this happening.

At 13.45, the rocket was moving at a speed of over 9.8 kilometers per second, which corresponds to a speed of over 35,000 kilometers per hour. The price tag is 10 billion dollars, which is equivalent to 88 billion Norwegian kroner.

– The launch of James Webb has been 14 years delayed and the project has become 28 times more expensive than the original price, says Pål Brekke at the Norwegian Space Center.

Read more about the technology behind the James Webb Telescope her.

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