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Norwegians applied for this in 2021

MOST WANTED: Norwegians have been interested in “Squid Game”, Jonas Gahr Støre and roasting meat in 2021.

What do Jonas Gahr Støre, cheesecake and percentage calculation have in common? They are all on the list of Norwegians’ most searched words in 2021.

The year is coming to an end, and in keeping with tradition, Google Norway reveals what Norwegians have searched for extra in 2021. The figures are based on which keywords have increased the most in search volume compared with the previous year.

Last year, the pandemic affected the lists to a significantly greater extent than this year. While last year it was “Coronavirus”, “FHI” and “Corona symptoms” that reigned high on the list, this year it is “EM 2021”, “VG Live” and “Squid Game” that have occupied Norwegians.

This year with searched words

This year’s top list is clearly marked by the fact that Norwegians are a nation interested in football. At the top comes “EC 2021” followed by “Premier League” and “VG Live”.

However, there are some keywords on this list that remind us that we are living in a pandemic. In second last place is “Nordre Follo”, which is probably due to the large mutation outbreak in the municipality at the beginning of the year.

In last place is the «RS virus».

What exactly is a noun?

In the category «What is …» we return to «RS virus». Several Norwegians are also wondering what the blockade, the Taliban and parliamentarism are.

In addition, there are many who do not quite remember what a noun is.

Were you unsure yourself?

– Noun is a word class with words that denote, among other things, people, things and concepts, writes Large Norwegian encyclopedia.

Fewer corona-related questions

The “How …” list last year was characterized by words such as “How the coronavirus is transmitted”, “How to use a bandage” and “How the coronavirus originated”.

This year, Norwegians have wondered about more common things such as how to vote, write a CV and calculate the percentage.

These series were popular

As of September 27, “Squid Game” was the world’s most streaming series, and the first from South Korea to top Netflix in the United States. To put it mildly, the series did not go unnoticed across the screen here in Norway either. Therefore, it is probably good news for many Norwegians that creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed that there will be a season 2.

DRESSED IN GREEN: One of the scenes from “Squid Game”, where hundreds of players with debts up to their ears accept a mysterious invitation to compete in children’s games.

Fancy some “Squid Game” facts you can impress friends with? Then you should read this case.

VG’s “Not allowed to laugh at the cabin” is number two on this list. You can see all the episodes for season one and two here.

Top 10 – Norwegians

It is uncertain how much Tom “Matoma” Stræte Lagergren, Johann Olav Koss and Eva Kristin Hansen have in common, but they are at least on the same list of top 10 Norwegians people have applied for in 2021.

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Cod and focaccia with cheesecake for dessert

In 2021, Norwegians have obviously been interested in cod and halibut. Lasagne, pumpkin and lamb shank have also interested the Norwegian people.

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