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Norwegian TV series fourth most watched globally on Netflix

IN THE CENTER: Actress Andrea Berntzen plays the abducted girl.

Nine months after “Abducted” premiered on TV 2, the thriller is winning on Netflix.

The Norwegian-Israeli series, created by Norwegian Kyrre Holm Johannessen (48) and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz (67) from Israel, placed on Christmas Eve itself as number four on the list of the most watched series in the world on Netflix.

It is stated on the website FlixPatrol, which ranks the channel’s series and movies. They write that the series was streamed in 51 countries on December 24 – five days after it premiered. FlixPatrol presents a points scale that measures overall popularity.

Satisfied Norwegian

“The Girl from Oslo”, which is the English title, is only beaten by “Emily in Paris”, “The Witcher” and “Money Heist”. Kyrre Holm Johannesen likes that.

– It is quite nice for me – who makes a living from telling stories – that many millions of people around the world chose to sit down on Christmas Eve and watch the series I was involved in making, he says to VG.

– Although it is not exactly the Christmas mood in focus, with kidnappings and executions and escape through the desert. Or, when I think about it, is the perhaps closer to the reality we hear about in the New Testament than sleigh rides and mulled wine, he adds.

When asked what the upturn means for him financially, Johannesen answers that Netflix has been involved in financing the project from the beginning.

– Then these rights are what they pay for. But it’s fun, and almost as nice a Christmas present as the wine I got from my wife, says the 48-year-old, who is married to actress and comedian Lisa Tønne (44).

SERIES CREATOR: Kyrre Holm Johannesen, here at a premiere party a few years ago.

“Abducted” is about a girl who has gone on holiday to the Middle East without her parents knowing about it. There, she is kidnapped by IS terrorists and taken to Egyptian territory in the Sinai Desert. The terrorists refuse to release the girl before thirteen IS terrorists are released, 12 of them from captivity in Israel and one of them in Norway.

But neither Norway nor Israel negotiate with terrorists, so this will be a nerve-wracking process.

Norwegian TV viewers have thus been able to watch “Abducted” since this spring, and TV 2 still has the rights for a few more days. The series, which is directed by Israeli Uri Barbash (75) and Stian Kristiansen (49), will not have its Norwegian premiere on Netflix until 8 January.

CENTRAL: Anneke von der Lippe and Amos Tamam play in the series.

The TV series received a lukewarm reception from VG’s reviewer when it premiered on TV 2 in April.

“The best thing about” Abducted “is that the episodes are relatively short”, wrote Morten Ståle Nilsen and rolled 2.

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