Friday, January 28

Nakstad optimistic after a marked drop in numbers of inpatients

There have been 100 fewer corona patients in Norwegian hospitals in just over a week. It shows that the measures work, says an optimistic Espen Nakstad.

The measures that were introduced earlier in December are yielding results, says Espen Nakstad.

Corona infection really picked up speed again at the beginning of December, and records were set in the number of coronary patients admitted. On Friday 17 December, there were 383 coronary patients admitted to Norwegian hospitals.

But the number has fallen like a rock in the last week or so. On Saturday, Christmas Day, the number dropped further, to 283 inmates. Infection rates have also fallen significantly. This shows that the coronary measures work, says assistant health director Espen Nakstad TV 2.

– I am very happy to see that the numbers flatten out after the measures that have come a few weeks ago, and we actually see that there is a decrease in the number of admissions, says Nakstad.

– It shows that the measures have had a good effect, he says.

He points out that the omicron variant seems to give a less serious course of the disease than the delta variant, which will affect the pressure on the health care system.

– A preliminary estimate is that it gives half as many hospital admissions, says Nakstad, who adds that the hope is that 2022 will be the year to get out of the pandemic.

– If it helps to build immunity together with vaccination, 2022 seems to be the year in which the population all over the world begins to have such great resistance to this virus that the virus begins to fade out.

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